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Reporting for Duty: Rehearsal Day 2

The second rehearsal didn't seem quite as daunting as the first.

Set up, tune , adjust seating... adjust seating... adjust seating one last time, good to go.

We continued working slowly through the work, focusing mainly on the dances. Trying to isolate the more difficult sections of the work to focus on, identifying problems that can be corrected with solitary practice and focusing on precision, have each of the puzzle pieces click perfectly into place.

We laughed , Danielle did yoga while we took a

Special shout out to Mie Hirschfield rocked the violin part, that ghastly, beast of a part is no cake walk and she was such a champ.

Perhaps the most rewarding thing was when we backtracked to sections of the work we rehearsed just 24 hours earlier to find a marked improvement. Its such a great team to work with and this is going to be a performance you won't want to miss.


Come see us at La Sala Rossa, August 29th at 8pm, tickets are available at the door but you can also click here to grab your tickets in advance!

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