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Reporting for Duty: The Final Days

Chamber music, It's a tricky thing...

Rehearsing autonomously after years of working with teachers and coaches, can seem daunting. The more musicians you add to the mix the more things there are to hone in on. Playing the right rhythms, no, not just the right rhythms but the precise rhythms in a unified way and making sure entrances are clear, precise and together. Tuning and pitch, phrasing, breaths, articulation, all of these details require intense focus in one own personal practice; so getting 7 musicians to come to a consensus on all of these details with 7 instruments that are played and respond very differently... It's easy to get lost in the overwhelming tidal wave of "we have so much work to do!" But open, clear, and honest communication is paramount. And nothing has demonstrated that better than the last two days.

Being able to communicate and offer honest and fair criticism, "Hey, I'm not sure that rhythm is quite right, can we try that again?" or "You know, I think those eighth notes are dragging" knowing that by communicating these thing we are identifying problems in order to improve. Like the saying goes "Step one is admitting you have a problem." Being honest about your mistakes and congratulating others when the job is well done, feeling comfortable enough to ask for help when it is needed.

Chamber music, it's like being in a relationship. And we all know how complicated those can be... They take work. But the Soldier's Tale team is open, receptive, willing to communicate, to take risks, and above all, do our best to uphold the integrity of the music which Stravinsky so carefully and painstakingly composed.

Stay tuned for more and come see us Tuesday, August 29th at La Sala Rossa. Tickets are available at the door or on our website under the events page!

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