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Thank you for your support of Soldier's Tale

The outpouring of support we received after our performance of Soldier's Tale last week was overwhelming and we are so grateful to everyone who joined us that evening and who sent well-wishes from abroad. After countless hours of assembling the film, personal practice, rehearsals with the actors, rehearsals with the musicians, things can start to seem overwhelming and it can seem like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Unforeseen issues arise, technical problems, logistical problems, complications in the music, in the timing of the film, and suddenly a project driven by  passion can shift gears, feeling more akin to despair. But stepping foot in the venue, setting up the equipment, going through the soundcheck, and seeing months of work come together is intensely satisfying. Having the privilege of sharing that moment with an audience, makes all of it worth it. 

So on behalf of the Soldier's Tale Team, we would like to say thank you, thank you for coming out to support us, for being so warm and receptive, and for all of your feedback. It is an honor to get to create for you, and share our work with you,. 

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