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A note to the musicians, the artists, the creators.

Several nights ago, Versimo hosted the second ever Filmprov concert. This one honored the films of French, feminist, and surrealist filmmaker from the 20th century Germaine Dulac. It was an incredible night, performing with inspiring women, and for an audience that was warm, receptive, and engaged. It was a perfect evening.

Afterwards I got to thinking about how wonderful and easy it was to play with the incredible women who made up our ensemble for this event, cellist Rachel Burman, percussionist Krystina Marcoux, and vocalist (and toy-piano-player-extraordinaire) Talia Fuchs. They were all so inspiring that night, and are so inspiring in everyday life.

I got to thinking about all of the wonderful, musicians and artists I have the pleasure of being around. I am constantly thrilled, impressed, and inspired by the work of those around me. I believe someone once told me that I am too easily impressed by others. That might be true, but I find it so exciting to watch others doing the work they are passionate about.

It is so exciting that it is a major catalyst for me focusing more on creating original works and performances. I feel so lucky to be surrounded by so many diverse musicians and artists who are coming from all sorts of different backgrounds and working in a variety of mediums and genres. Its really difficult for me to put into words.

I have been so inspired to create, inspired by the artists around me to create more, and the most frustrating part is that there are not enough hours in the day to do any of it. I am in the process of learning new techniques and modes of expression, it requires a lot of experimentation which often leads me to discoveries which continue to spark ideas. The ideas and inspiration keep mounting but time is time and I can't seem to keep up.

I guess what I am trying to say in my own, rambling, and nonsensical way is that I see you. Musicians, visual artists, writers, composers, storytellers, filmmakers, performers.... I see you and I see your work and you make me want to work, your work motivates me to work. It feeds my soul. So share with me, always! Tell me about what your working on, tell me about upcoming gigs, performances, showings. Share your ideas with me and lets find a way to make them happen.

Tallyho! There is work to be done., art to be made, music to be heard, words to be read. And I can't wait to experience yours.

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